Meet Dazzling Peacock!

Tell us a little about you and your creations.

I am 37 and while I was not born in Oklahoma I have lived here since I was 3, so I consider myself to be an Okie.  I have been married for 11 years and we have 3 cats and a dog as our furry babies.  I have enjoyed being creative since I was a little girl-either pretending to be Indiana Jones swinging around the trees, or sitting at a table drawing and cutting out fun patterns in paper.  Several years ago I began making jewelry and giving my creations away as gifts to friends and family.  I decided I wanted to take a leap and begin selling my creations and finally got up the nerve to seriously begin this endeavor this year.  Realizing how saturated the jewelry market is right now, I struggled with discovering ways to stand out and decided to take my paper clay creations from something I dabbled in to my main attraction.  I have been working hard at expanding my line of paper clay décor to showcase at The Alliday Show. 

Where did your business name come from?

When trying to decide on a name for my business I took the sensible approach and hit the Internet for the best advice.  After a few days of going back and forth on some of my ideas I finally settled on Dazzling Peacock.  I chose “dazzling “ because it best describes how I want people to feel when they wear my creations or use my creations to adorn their living spaces.  The peacock was a given partially because I am obsessed with all things peacock, but also because the peacock is a symbol for renewal.  Putting my fears aside and starting this business has definitely been an act of renewal in my life.

Paper Clay Bowls.jpg
Beaded Jewelry Collage.jpg

What do YOU love about your products?

I love the reaction I get from people when they find out that my creations are made from paper clay. I also really love that they are bright, colorful and make me and my customers smile!

What sets your creations apart from others?

I like to think outside of the box a bit and am constantly looking around the house to see what I have to utilize in my creations as a result. That can sometimes translate into using unexpected materials. I also hand paint a lot of my creations which make them one of a kind.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am always on the look out for different colors and patterns in nature and architecture around me. There are times I will hear songs or see things in movies and magazines that really inspire me too. For example, I watched, The Great Gatsby (2013), a few months ago and after seeing the scene in Myrtle’s apartment I immediately knew I needed to make a pendant light inspired by the wallpaper. 

What craft would you like to learn more about?

Oh my, this is part of my problem. I am a bit of a craft addict and always wanting to learn new things. I would have to say right now top contenders are stained glass and pottery. 

The Alliday Show believes that every day is special and should be treated as a holiday! That being said, which holiday do you wish were every day and why?

Christmas! There is something magical about Christmas for me. It holds the promise of possibility and reminds me of what it is like to be a kid again. Of course there is the Christmas music, movies and good food too!

If you could create your own holiday, what would it be and why?

This may be a bit cheesy but,  “You” Day. I think with all of the hustle and bustle of the world today we have forgotten to take time out to acknowledge and celebrate all the wonderful things that make us special and unique. It would be nice to have a holiday that encourages us to stop and do this. How fun would it be to have a big party where everyone can celebrate our awesomeness together!

How would you describe your work in three words?

Colorful, Creative, Eco-friendly

Posted on November 17, 2013 .