What's Happening!

Oh gosh, do we have a day lined up for you!  We thought we'd share our hoppin' event schedule here with you along with all of the *extras* that will be happening all. day. long!  Remember, admission is FREE so you can come and go as many times as you please and you can bring your whole family (yes, we're even telling you to bring Great Aunt Eileen and HER fourth cousin Saul!)! 


9 - Doors Open/Swag!

10 - Sangster - Live Music!

11 - Aaron Paul Designs - Learn how to make a spoon ring!

12 - Salvage Yard Goods - Learn how to fuse plastic bags to make fabric and what projects you can make with it! 

1 - Okie Dirt - Learn to dye with Oklahoma red dirt!

2 - Short Mountain Sundries - Learn how to get the most yarn out of a T-shirt and how to make two variations of a basic T-shirt bag!

3 - Oso Handmade - Learn how to make hand-painted glitter ornaments. This is an easy project for any age with very few supplies needed. It's perfect for a last minute gift or just a way to customize your Christmas tree!

4 - Sangster - Live Music!

5 - Show Ends!


-Swag to first 50 entrants!

-Gift Wrapping by Halfway Home Greyhounds

-Salvation Army Toy Collection

-Free Make & Take by Make Tulsa

- Swag Giveways through Facebook, Instagram and more!

-Retro Den Lounge


-Best Booth Contest


Posted on November 28, 2013 .