Meet GardenFinds!

Tell us a little about you and your creations.

I love the process of creating something new from something old and I’ve always enjoyed working with wood.  All of my handmade items include salvaged, reclaimed, vintage, and/or recycled materials.  My yard is certified as a backyard wildlife habitat so I tend to create lots of things for nature.

Where did your business name come from?

I used to scour about for pieces that could be reused as items for the garden and sold them online with suggestions for reuse, hence, the name garden finds.  I’ve always created pieces from wood for my own yard, family and friends and started selling them on Etsy.  I chose to keep the same name as lots of the pieces I create are for nature and the garden.   

What do YOU love about your products?

I love that they are original, useful, and fun.  They allow me an avenue to offer useful and well made products for nature while promoting the reuse of materials in order to reduce waste.  

What sets your creations apart from others?

The designs and different use of materials and the fact that they are functional as well. 

Where do you find inspiration?

In nature and everyday occurrences.

What craft would you like to learn more about?

Knitting and crocheting.

The Alliday Show believes that every day is special and should be treated as a holiday!  That being said, which holiday do you wish were every day and why?

Valentine’s Day.  It’s a day to show your love for the special people in your life and I feel we should all show and tell others how much we love them everyday.  Life happens so fast and sometimes it’s easy to miss the opportunity.

If you could create your own holiday, what would it be and why?

No Technology Day

With all the electronic gadgets at our fingertips, it makes me miss the old days where we all communicated verbally and face to face.  Put up all the gadgets for one day and talk to someone.

How would you describe your work in three words?

Original, Fun, Functional


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Posted on November 25, 2013 .