Meet mmkoriginals!

Tell us a little about you and your creations.

Hi, I'm Meagan!  I am the designer, mastermind, and creator of mmkoriginals.  I have a wonderful husband, Brian, and I stay at home with our almost 3-year old daughter Edith, and our two dog children, Sadie and Charlie. I have been crocheting, knitting, and sewing since I was a little girl, all thanks to my wonderful and patient mom who taught me. I started my business shortly before my daughter was born in December 2010 creating fun items for myself and others.  Since then, my business has grown into something amazing, and I am blessed to share my passion for creating unique items for others.

As a young and modern mom, I understand the need for items that don't scream "baby!" I create fun and unique items you won’t find in a big box store. My products range from crochet hats to custom shirts and onesies to stylish headbands.

Where did your business name come from?

Before I was married, I dreamt of starting my own business.  I had a passion for creating things.  When trying to think of a name, I used my initials “mmk” (so people would recognize me), together with “originals” (duh, because my products are unique and original), to become mmkoriginals. Fast-forward a few years, and here I am with my business far bigger than I ever thought possible, named on a whim.

What do YOU love about your products?

I love that my products are fun, unique, and handmade. Plus most of my creations are baby items, and who doesn’t love babies?! I also love when my customers come to me with a special request, and I am able to wow them with the final result. That makes me seriously happy!

What sets your creations apart from others?

I am very much a perfectionist. I don’t make anything I wouldn’t want to wear, or put on my daughter. I love being the “quality control!” My onesies and shirts are kid tested, and stand up to wash and wear. I also won’t use a yarn that doesn’t feel nice in my hands, or doesn’t work up nicely, because I wouldn’t want to put it on a baby’s head.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere! I am always focused on keeping up with the latest trends. I shop stores and online to see what is “in” for the season. I also browse Etsy and Pinterest, because we all know the competition can be the biggest inspiration.

What craft would you like to learn more about?

I would say that’s a toss up between photography and pottery. I find both fascinating. I love taking pictures, but there is still so much I don’t know. I also attended several art camps growing up, and we were able to use the facilities of an art studio to create pottery pieces. It was a blast!

The Alliday Show believes that every day is special and should be treated as a holiday!  That being said, which holiday do you wish were every day and why?

I think all the holidays are unique and special in their own way. I love the family and togetherness that is the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If we celebrated it every day, I think it would lose its charm and spirit, and cease to be special.

How would you describe your work in three words?

fun, unique, stylish





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Posted on November 26, 2013 .