Meet Tulsa Foundation for Architecture!

Tell us a little about the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture.

The Tulsa Foundation for Architecture was founded over 15 years ago to serve as an organization to raise and awareness of and to educate people about the significant and important architecture in Tulsa.

We work to recognize, record, and encourage preservation of the built environment and advocate quality future development that enhances Tulsa’s livability.

We currently own an extensive collection of original architectural drawings of many significant Tulsa buildings and residences (The Medical Arts Building, Warehouse Market, Southern Hills Country Club, the Tulsa Assembly Center, The Mabee Residence, and the Otis McClintock Residence), as well as architectural periodicals (Pencil Points, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Forum, and Architectural Record) dating from 1920 to 1980, newspaper clippings, technical library, photographs, project specifications and artifacts. No other institution in Tulsa gathers this material.

How do you work to enrich Tulsa?

Our objectives are to be a credible voice that identifies valuable architectural structures, spaces, sites and architectural works of merit; educate the public about the built environment; promote and encourage preservation and/or rehabilitation of significant architecture; and be a repository for historical architectural drawings and material.

We feel as though the history told through Tulsa's old buildings is a history that serves as a roadmap for a successful Tulsa in the future.

Can the public be involved in TFA?  How?

The TFA is a non-profit membership organization. The best way for the public to be involved is to become a member to support our efforts. We rely on the public to fund us to allow us to operate. In the upcoming year we will be working on some new initiatives that will offer members and the public opportunities to volunteer to work with us.

How else can we help support TFA?

Spread the word! The more people who know we exist the better it is for us. Most people in town realize that there is something special about the architecture in Tulsa but they might not know that there is an organization looking out for it.

Any upcoming events/opportunities that Tulsa should know about?

December 14th will be our monthly Second Saturday. Second Saturday is a monthly downtown architecture tour that starts at Topeca at 10 oclock. It is a 1 hour tour. This month we are going to highlight some of the art deco buidings downtown. The cost $10 per person.

You can find more information about the TFA at

Posted on November 26, 2013 .