Meet More Projects Than Time!

Tell us a little about you and your creations.

I am Lauren Belteau Gerfen creator of More Projects Than Time, I make sewn and crochet bits and pieces for you, your home, your kiddo… whoever.  I have always loved art (I have a BA in Art History, a minor in visual art and work for a small western art library) but craft is my lifelong passion. I love how craft combines the practical with the aesthetic and I very much try to make my products visually pleasing while also functional, even if that function is decorative.

Where did your business name come from?

From the truth of my situation! I have a full time job combine that with normal obligations of being an adult (these are too boring to go into) and then at on my natural inclination to think about any project “Oh I could do that, I have plenty of time to make that myself” which (of course) isn’t necessarily the truth. I literally have more projects than time! If I could eliminate sleep I still couldn’t get to all of my interest. Over the course of doing festivals and fairs have found that the name More Projects Than Time speaks to people and have had a number of fun conversations about what others do and don’t have time for.


What do YOU love about your products?

The materials! I use as many vintage and reclaimed fabrics and notions as possible. I love the history, colors, textures, and variations in old fabric. I like the concept of using items that have been loved or used in previous projects.

I also very much enjoy creating the patterns and prototypes for my products. They are like puzzles and it is so gratifying to see a thought come to life!

What sets your creations apart from others? 

A few things…

1)    the use of vintage fabrics (see the previous question for more on this)

2)    The combination of color and pattern. I enjoy the challenge of pairing seemingly disparate patterns and colors to make something beautiful.

3)    A sense of humor. I think this is specifically noticeable in my crochet produce. Although, I hope that there is a trace of it in all of my products.

Where do you find inspiration?

Art, nature, tv, books. . .  Although, I have been thinking about this a bit and have come to the conclusion I am a sentimental, nostalgic person, even for history that is not my own (this probably explains my love of vintage fabric). My point being, I draw a lot of inspiration from craft itself from knowing these techniques have been used for generations, from the trial and error of working out a pattern and from the physical act of creating. I find comfort and inspiration in knowing that the handmade has meaning, history, process, frustration, function, and love built into it.

What craft would you like to learn more about?

Weaving. In college I took a weaving course. I loved the meditative nature of weaving and the problem solving involved in figuring your warp and patterning. As the class was only a semester and floor looms are expensive and bulky it is not a craft I have pursued. I hope I have the opportunity to explore it in the future.

The Alliday Show believes that every day is special and should be treated as a holiday!  That being said, which holiday do you wish were every day and why?

Ultimately, none or they wouldn’t be special! If I had to choose my favorite holiday though… I would say Christmas; I like the glitz, and thinking of the perfect gift for friends and family, looking at all of my ornaments, and the baking. Most of all I love making a bed on the living room floor and falling asleep with the Christmas tree still lit.

If you could create your own holiday, what would it be and why?

Breakfast for Dinner Day. I think it would be a day were family and friends get together and make a big breakfast for dinner and then watch a movie. That sounds fun, right?

How would you describe your work in three words?

Colorful, Fun, Sweet.

Posted on November 13, 2013 .