Meet More Projects Than Time!

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative business.

Hi! I am Lauren. I am a lifelong maker and creator of things with a background in art history, a non-craft job, a husband and two cats. More Projects Than Time is my way of utilizing the items and techniques I love (vintage & reclaimed fabric, crochet, sewing, pattern making) while also being part of a movement about which I am passionate (local and handmade).  I predominately create items for the home from beautiful, old fabric such as hanging birds, pillows, stockings, and door snakes along with an ever growing collection of crochet produce.

Any special story as to how you created your business name?

While trying to come up with a name I toyed with a BUNCH of silly stuff. I tried to be clever and work my name in; as much as I like Lauren Belteau Gerfen it does not lend itself to cuteness or puns. Ultimately, I went with the truth of my and as I have come to find out most people’s plight….More Projects than Time.

Why were you drawn to starting a creative business? 

When I started More Projects Than Time I was feeling that my life lack both a focused creative outlet and a sense of community. At this time I was creating, but solely for myself and felt limited by that. I had (and still have) wonderful friends but didn’t feel particularly connected to people, on a larger scale, on a whim I applied to a local arts market and was accepted! That show did what I hoped it would it gave me a direction with my making, a goal to work towards and helped me to meet the wonderful people of Oklahoma handmade community.

When did you start your business?

I have always crafted and would occasionally sell things to friends or family and had a brief dalliance with etsy in the mid aughts but began More Projects Than Time for real in 2012.

What do YOU love most about your work?

I like the humor in it. Whether it is the fabric matching (mis-matching) on the birds, the faces on the crochet produce, or the funny little tongues on my door snakes I don’t take myself or “craft” too seriously. I hope that my customer can sense my love for laughter and desire to and a little fun into the ordinary.

Where do you find inspiration?

Where don’t I? I love art, movies, tv, books but more than anything I find the spark to create from the materials themselves. A quirky fabric gets my mind working faster than anything else.

What do you enjoy most about the holidays? 

I enjoy a day or brief season that seems to have something extra and magical in it. For the most part I am a creature of habit and relish the sameness of day to day life BUT it is so nice to have holidays to break from that pattern and make the everyday special and spend them with special people.

What is your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas is my favorite holiday for many reasons BUT I am extra excited this year because my sister, mom and I will be taking my nephews and niece to see the new version of Annie! I am not sure there were ever two girls more obsessed with the 1982 version than we were. My grandmother even made us the coolest dolls with multiple outfits.  I am so thrilled to share that story and experience with my three favorite kids as well as with my sister and mom.




Posted on November 18, 2014 .