Meet T-TownTeez!

Any special story as to how you created your business name?

My name was the end product of my obsession with alliteration and incorporating elements of my native language, Spanish. So in the end I got T~TownTeez. The tilde is just a fun addition native to the Spanish language. It was a fun alternative to the omnipresent dash in T-Town that you see everywhere. The “Z” was more aesthetically pleasing than an “S” and was a nod to the Z in my last name. 

Why were you drawn to starting a creative business? 

I really wasn’t drawn to starting a business, but I knew I wanted a cool shirt with the Golden Driller on it and decided to make it myself. I had no idea it would lead to a  printing/sewing business as well as a line of shirts, pillows, posters, clothes and everything else in between. 

When did you start your business? 

September 2009, shortly after my departure from a fine dine establishment that taught me a few lessons about how to run a business. They also taught me that I never wanted to work in a restaurant again. 

What do YOU love most about your work?

I love the relationship between sewing and printing. It’s so fun having a relationship between constants and changes. The constant being the prints, and the changes being the different fabrics and shirts we get to turn into fun products. It really gives me the liberty to explore new ideas and play around having both around. It makes me feel spoiled. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. After watching The September Issue I was a man obsessed with the world. Grace Coddington said it best: “ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. KEEP WATCHING, BECAUSE WHATEVER YOU SEE CAN INSPIRE YOU.”

It’s the main reason why I don’t like to drive myself, I’m always looking for something to inspire an idea. My last few designs have been inspired by a tattoo shop in Austin, a very hungover walk back to my car, and an illustration I found in a 1970’s coloring book just to give a couple of examples. 

What do you enjoy most about the holidays?  

The kinda of creepy but warm and comforting Christmas music. Also, Batman Returns and Home Alone. 

What is your favorite holiday and why?

Cry Baby Hill. Do I really need to explain?  

Traditional Holiday is Christmas, my family has fun with Karaoke. 





Posted on December 5, 2014 .