Sponsor Spotlight: Okie Crowe!

Tell us a little about yourself and Okie Crowe.

I began a home-based soap-making business that has grown into bath & body products, handmade dog treats, and even a homebrew kit. The Okie Crowe store has given us a home for our brand, other made in Oklahoma goodies, and a unique variety of our favorite things.

Any special story as to how you created Okie Crowe's name?

Moving to NYC in 2004, Tulsa felt stagnant and I wanted a more exciting pace of life. While I was away, downtown Tulsa began a rebirth. McNellie’s opened and more businesses followed. When I came home to visit, I found myself enjoying the downtown Tulsa lifestyle. I decided that it was time to move back to Tulsa to stake my claim too. In Native American folklore, the raven is an evolving creature. Having found my love for Oklahoma, I unearthed my Okie spirit. As a lifelong Black Crowes fan, Okie Crow with an e at the end made sense. Okie Crowe was born.

When did you start Okie Crowe?

Okie Crowe was established in January 2011. We launched our website, www.okiecrowe.com, in May 2013. The store opened in July 2013.

How do you work to enrich Tulsa?

Okie Crowe actively participates as a vendor at various events throughout the year in Tulsa. We support Family & Children’s Services annual Care Card program and other charitable events. I also serve as the Secretary for the Deco District Association to promote business and neighborhood growth in the downtown community.

Can the public be involved in Okie Crowe? 

The greatest thing the public can do to be involved in any small business is to shop local. Supporting small businesses puts money back into your community and helps grow the economy. Plus, you can find really cool things at your local retailer!

How else can we help to support Okie Crowe?

Okie Crowe would love to hear feedback from you! We have jumped in with our feet first since the start and have been so blessed to get this far on a whim and with lots of hard work. We always strive to be our best and continually grow as a company. We have lots of new product ideas and goals for the boutique, but want it to be perfect for YOU! Have any super fun ideas or kind suggestions so that we can tailor our wares to your needs?

Any upcoming events that Tulsa should know about?

11/30 Guthrie Green Holiday Market (Brady District)

11/30 Lights On (Downtown)

12/6 Margaret Aycock’s Annual Holiday Sale (Brady Heights)

12/13 Leighelena Trunk Show (Okie Crowe, Deco District)

12/13 Second Saturday (Deco District)

Posted on December 4, 2014 .