Sponsor Spotlight: Owl & Drum

When did you start Owl & Drum?

We started Owl & Drum 2 1/2 years ago because we felt there was a niche in the Tulsa market for a “one-stop shop” for fabric, gifts and sewing/quilting supplies with a modern aesthetic. We also realized there was a lack in sewing classes for newcomers and kids. Our weekly sewing and quilting classes have really taken off. And, how could they not with instructors like Mary Perisho and Ann Olson.

Any special story as to how you created the name Owl & Drum?

It’s pretty simple actually. The “owl” comes from the fact that my husband and I are both owl collectors and it rhymes with our last name, Howell. “Drum” is a part of my business partner, Dani Weaver. She was a drummer. We wanted the name to be about us and the sound of these two words was both quirky and fun.

Any upcoming events/opportunities that Tulsa should know about?

Yes! We have classes and events every week. Both at night and on Saturdays. We recently updated our website, owlanddrum.com, and you can now sign up for these classes online. Each class is listed with a full description and picture of the project. It’s much more user-friendly than in the past.



Posted on December 9, 2014 .